What is THE 1% CLUB?


At WEB Sports Management we believe in finding that 1% edge. When joining WEB Sports Management you enter the world of THE 1% CLUB. We offer unique services that very few other Agencies offer.  After 12 years in the footballing world, we have identified these areas that will be of great advantage to our clients and  set us apart from the rest. Each unique service  we offer will aim to give that 1% edge over our competitors. With the fine margins of football becoming ever shorter, 1% may  not seem too great an advantage at first sight,  but each unique service we offer will add up to a great advantage over our competition. We are continually striving to look for the edge that will give our clients the upper hand in the pursuit for success.

Preparing Fruit Juice


The importance of Nutrition in football is vital to your performance and recovery. Our Specialist Nutritionist will help design a personalised diet to each of our clients ensuring you are at your physical peak at all times. Knowing which foods to eat at which times will have an immense impact on Performance, recovery and avoidance of soft tissue injuries. The evidence of diet on Professional athletes has been studied for many years and the results are clear to see. Our expert advice will be another 1% that you will take to the pitch.

Will Buckley

Having played a career spanning over 12 years in the Professional game, we are aware of all areas that a professional player will need support with as they navigate through their successful careers. Our experiences and knowledge of the game will help us make the best choices for our clients. Will is there for you whether its advice for on the pitch or helping with something away from the game. Having been represented by many different Intermediaries throughout his career, Will has used his knowledge of all the positives of each agent and aims to use them for himself in ensuring his guidance will be one of great success for his clients. First hand knowledge of contracts is second nature to Will which is a great assett in making sure he can negotiate the best contracts for his clients.


boot supplier

With boot deals becoming ever more difficult for players to establish, our partnership with world leading specialise football boot store,  ' BW Boots ' means our players will be equipped with the boots of their choice for the coming season. 

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David Veevers BA (Hons)   coaching and mentoring

David has spent over 35 years helping others make a measurable difference by cultivating a winning mindset that shapes results. David has extensive experience in performance improvement in Health & Wellness, Sports, and Business sectors. David brings tried, tested, and proven strategies and ideas to help motivated people set their Goals to get the best from themselves. He starts by identifying their strengths, then working in partnership with building a plan to achieve them, all through the liberal use of positive psychology. David helps you create the conditions so you can flourish so you can best work towards your future plans with confidence.

With the psychological aspect of the game being ever more vital, David is a valuable asset to our clients in their pursuit of success.

David personally worked closely with Will when he was a youth team scholar at Rochdale AFC. David helped him visualise and affirm his personal vision and goals for the future gave him belief and confidence, to put a plan of action in place to give him the best opportunity to reach his best, which he did.

With the limited access to Positive psychology Practitioners within the UK , David is a valuable and unique resource to our team and our clients.